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New and Noteworthy

Jones Soda Co. has announced the latest addition to its extensive flavor lineup: Watermelon. Watermelon Jones is crafted with cane sugar as well as natural flavors and colors. As part of Jones’ commitment to reduce sugar and calorie content, the watermelon flavor contains 120 calories per bottle, while still delivering the classic watermelon taste. The new flavor was tested at 7-Eleven Canada last summer and Jones received positive feedback on it from both customers and on social media platforms. For more information: www.jonessoda.com




 Before the Butcher offers three Uncut-branded, non-GMO soy-based products — chicken, turkey, breakfast sausage — along with their plant-based beef burgers. They also have 12 other products sold exclusively in the foodservice channel, including new plant-based beef taco crumbles. The meatless burgers are gluten-free, low sodium and vegan. For more information: https://btbfoods.com/retail



World Centric, a compostable tableware company, donates at least 25 percent of its profits to global grassroots social and environmental programs. To offset carbon emissions from raw material to delivery, the company will be launching a safe and sustainable alternative to tableware made from melamine resin. Melamine is a chemical found in bowls, plates and other tableware that can make its way into our bodies, potentially raising risks for health problems. Its ZeroWare 2.0 reusable dishware is:

Made from 70 percent non-GMO compostable plastic and 30 percent talc (TPLA)
Suitable for food up to 200° F
Reusable and dishwasher safe
Melamine and BPA free. 

For more information: https://store.worldcentric.com/store/reusables



The unique characteristic taste of green tomatoes is not lost in Doux South Mean Green Tomatoes. A select combination of spices were chosen that enhance the vegetable in order to pull out the qualities of unripe, tart and hard green tomatoes. Each jar packs in a powerful punch and lends a strong hand to any meal. In the line-up of Doux South Pickles, they are different from the sweet taste of Drunken Tomatoes or the spicy kick of the Angry Cukes. Mean Greens are made with green tomatoes, water, organic distilled white vinegar, sugar, yellow onion, salt, garlic, mustard seed, turmeric, celery seed, chili flakes. The result is the transformation of green tomato into an added ingredient for recipes that provides chefs a sharp-tasting acidic balance due to the influence of vinegar in pickled foods. 

For more information: www.douxsouth.com



Natural foods pioneer, Ancient Harvest, is expanding its plant-based, clean-label portfolio with a new gluten-free Veggie Pasta featuring one full serving of vegetables per 2 oz. portion, as well as a line of Protein Pasta Sauce based on pea protein. The Veggie Pasta line features:  A plant-based pasta with its blend of green lentils, kale,  spinach and cauliflower, providing one serving of vegetables and 12 grams of protein per 2 oz. portion. The Protein Pasta Sauce includes a clean mix of tomato, tomato paste, pea protein, herbs and spices and is available in four varieties: Marinara, Roasted Garlic & Herb, Tomato Basil and Plant-Based Bolognese (pea protein crumbles that create a ground beef-like texture). 

For more information: www.ancientharvest.com



In collaboration with Disney, Campbell’s Foodservice, has launched Goldfish - Disney Mickey Mouse Cheddar Crackers Baked with Whole Grain. The Pepperidge Farm snack comes in a convenient single-serve pack and includes a mix of Goldfish crackers and Disney’s Mickey Mouse shaped crackers. The crackers are a hit in schools, according to the company. They are whole grain rich, baked with 100 percent cheese and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. Each snack pack contains 100 calories. For more information: www.campbellsfoodservice.com/disneymickeygoldfish.

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