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Server Speak: What’s the Best Part of Your Job; Worst Part?

Sean Johnston
General Manager
Years in the industry: 13
New Bohemia, Roseville

This is my first experience FOH. I was a cook for 12 years.
I like working with the local breweries—there are 180
breweries here. The worst part? When you hand someone
a menu and they put it down, go over and look at all the tap
handles and say, ‘Do you have…..?”

Harry Xiong
Years in the industry: 4
Trung Nam French Bakery

 The best part is bringing a smile to the faces of little
kids (although if they sell out of their craveable croissants
before noon, there’s no smiling). Getting up at 3 in the morning, that’s the worst part. 

Ellen Bordeaux
Years in the industry: 1 1/2
Smack Shack, Minneapolis

The worst is dealing with rude people. We’re like the
customer service desk. The good is that it’s a pretty casual
job and you know everyone (front and back of the house),
that’s not always the case.

Kate O
Years in the industry: 10
Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, Minneapolis

The best part is the people. The regulars are fun. Also
the hours aren’t long …but the money could be better.
There’s always room to improve. 

Abby Woodruff
Industry experience: 7 months
Lurcat, Minneapolis

The best part of my job is seeing people leave here
happy. The worst part is when we get busy and can’t accommodate that special request like a table by the window, because we’re busy.


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