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Local Restaurants at the MSP Airport Represent the Region in Style

If you don’t have travel plans this summer that take you through security at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, you may want to buy the cheapest one-way ticket you can find, just for the dining experience. Gone are the franchised chains for the most part and in their place are great representatives from our independent restaurant community. Here’s a round-up of some of the newer additions that welcome travelers to our city or leave a good taste in their mouth if they’re flying through.

1. We don’t have a Cat Café yet, but we
do have a couple of therapy dog stations
to help alleviate stress from the every-day
experience of flying.

2. Salty Tart is one of three local restaurants
to take up residence in Food Truck Alley.
The three primary-color food trucks—Red Cow
and Holy Land are the other two residents—sell
signature items that can then be enjoyed to go
or in Red Cow’s larger bullpen, which includes
a bar (always a popular option for passengers
who need more de-stressing than petting
a dog can provide).
3. The airport version of Open Book doesn’t have
the great little restaurant like the original on
Washington Avenue in Minneapolis, but it does
sell snacks and beverages. And cookbooks.

4. Smack Shack didn’t scrimp on the over-the-top
decorating for its main corridor restaurant serving
lobster rolls for lunch and dinner and andouille 
sausage for breakfast.

5. It’s not on a rooftop or outdoors, but the patio
at Lake Wine Market offers passengers a
year-round patio experience, something the
average restaurant in the Twin Cities can’t do.
6. Angel Food Bakery, saintly sister of Hell’s Kitchen,
makes its stylish pastries in-house, competing unfairly with the usual cellophane-wrapped fare. 


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