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New and Noteworthy

Wine Water, the parent company of O.Vine, launched Chardonnay- and Cabernet Sauvignon-essence water into the “infused water” category. The two alcohol-free beverages are purified water and upcycled wine grape residue. Free of preservatives and synthetic colors, its natural blush color and healthful ingredients are derived from the essence extracted from red or white wine grape skins and seeds. The pomace that forms the waste product from the wine making process is a valuable source of phenolic antioxidants. The grapes are sourced from select vineyards located across the Galilee hills in Israel. The beverages are slated to appear on shelves of higher-end retail stores this summer as the company signs new contracts with a U.S.-based brand management company. For more information, www.o-vine.com


TAZO Tea Concentrates for restaurant owners and operators are available from Unilever Food Solutions e- commerce channels as well as Unilever North America distribution partners. TAZO Concentrates are in a convenient format that does not require additional operational equipment, eliminating the need for extensive personnel training. These easy-to-use teas allow for the creation of large and small stock, hot and iced tea beverages, with no brewing time required. They can also reduce the time needed to prepare beverages for consumption – just shake, pour and mix. TAZO Concentrates are available in: 

Lattes: Classic Chai Latte, Decaf Chai Latte, Skinny Chai Latte, Green Tea Matcha Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte 

1:1 Iced Concentrates: Peachy Green, Passion (U.S. availability only) 

5:1 Iced Concentrates: Zen, Black and Passion


The Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage line has been expanded to include three new flavors that are on trend—maple patties, chorizo patties and barrel smoked skinless links. Operators can try the new flavors and save up to $500 by downloading a product rebate at JimmyDeanVariety.com. Contact your Tyson Foodservice Representative, Broker, Distributor Sales Representative or visit tysonfoodservice.com for more information.


Hershey’s Simply Syrup—with no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors—was developed to address demands from operators for cleaner label products. The new syrup can be used in the same applications as the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. The prototype was tested by the foodservice culinary team for six months with select national accounts with success. The syrup comes in a 7.8 lb. jug, 64-ounce pouch or 21.8 ounce bottles. For more information, www.thehersheycompany.com/foodservice



4R Oceans wants to make plastic straws passé. They have a number of options for restaurants and retail, including the commercial trial kit that includes 28 straws made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, a soaking bin and a commercial dishwasher straw caddy that doubles as a bar-top display case. For customers who prefer to bring their own straws, they have bamboo carrying cases for steel straws and cleaning brush (wholesale for $5, suggested selling price $15.) For more information, 4ROceans.com



Diners can now have their spoon and eat it too. These eatable spoons from Planetter are designed to eliminate the 40 billion plastic utensils used worldwide that are threatening the landfills and oceans.  Table spoons come in four flavors: simply salted, Indian masala, spinach power and root power; soup spoons add a peppercorn choice and dessert spoons are chocolate and mint. Picture was taken at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in May. For more information, www. planeteerllc.com.




Epson America, a supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions has teamed up with SpeedETab mobile ordering and payment solution, using Epson’s compact and versatile TM-m30 mPOS printers. The system works for mobile ordering for the competitive world of specialty coffee and small retailers. SpeedETab is an industry leader in native mobile ordering, mobile payment, and analytic solutions for the restaurant industry. Based in Miami, SpeedETab helps businesses increase revenue, improve the guest experience, and strengthen brand equity through the use of its mobile ordering platform and services. For information:  www.speedetab.com


Founded in 2016 by award-winning bartender Tom Dufek, Plain Spoke Cocktail Co. offers high-quality, ready-to-drink craft cocktails outside of the bar, without sacrificing flavor for convenience. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the canned cocktail company launched its first two products in Minnesota this May – Moscow Mule and Bourbon Smash, which combine Midwestern spirits with simple, real ingredients like 100 percent citrus juices, without added preservatives or anything artificial. Plain Spoke’s product specs include:

• Moscow Mule: 10% ABV; Ingredients: Midwest vodka, 100% lime juice, ginger, pure cane sugar; 4-pack, $14.99 / $3.99 per can 

• Bourbon Smash: 10% ABV; ingredients: Midwest bourbon, 100% lemon juice, mint, pure cane sugar; 4-pack, $14.99 / $3.99 per can.

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