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Server Speak: What’s an Inspiring Way You’ve Gone Up and Beyond?

Deanna Hagg
Years in the business: 10 
Neighborhood Café, St. Paul

I was working late one evening practically by myself.
A customer was sitting with her two daughters who were
jumping up and down on our newly reupholstered benches.
I asked her nicely to have her kids stop. She said to me, ‘Oh,
I’m not worried about that.’ I told her I was. I was so busy trying
to take care of the whole restaurant and she was so rude to me.
Another customer noticed and he offered to pay for this woman’s
bill and her tip because he was worried that I wouldn’t be compensated
for my work.

Ellie Niemeyer
Years in the business: 5 
Parallel Coffee, Minneapolis

The community that we have here is very personable and engaging.
I always make the effort when I’m bringing people their food to ask if
they need anything else.

Bethany McHugh
Years in the business: 1 1/2
Barrio, Minneapolis

I reseated someone three times once because he was dining the
same night as his professor. He wanted to keep a safe distance.

Natalie Stoppel 
Years in the business: 6 
Peace Coffee (Capella Kiosk), St. Paul

I’ll make people a drink even if it’s not “in-season.” I also am
pretty good at remembering the names of regulars and their order.
I like to chat with them.

Harper McDaniel
Years in the business: 6 
Selby Bar and Grill, St. Paul

Actually a regular did something kind for me. He came in a couple
of weeks ago and bought a rishi shake with a shot of espresso. He
asked me if I ever tried it myself and I said, ‘No it looks delicious,
but a bit too expensive.’ He came back a couple days later and
ordered another and gave it to me. Normally I would be weirded
out, but he’s a really kind regular and it was delicious. Which is also a bit of a problem now because I want it all the time, but it’s expensive.


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