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Server Speak: Pros and Cons of Holiday Shifts

Dionte Brown
Crew Member
Years in the industry: 2 
Nelson’s Deli
St. Paul

The cons are people expect so much high service
and for us to be in a perfect mood all the time.
Since our restaurant isn’t a sit-down place, there
isn’t a whole lot of time for socializing. You have to
compact all your human compassion into a couple
brief moments. The pro is that the overall environment
and working together has a lot of enthusiasm and optimism.

Garrett Ottney
Years in the industry: 7 
Blue Door Pub (Como Location)

The volume of people coming in really increases
and they are ready to spend money. A con would
probably be the later part of the holidays when
people tend to stay in, save money, and eat their

Denise Valdez
Years in the industry: 4 
Finnish Bistro 

A pro/con is it’s difficult to tell how busy we’re going
to be! I imagine we do stay pretty busy.

Laura Prust
Years in the industry: 4 
So Good So You, Minneapolis

When I worked at a coffee shop that was open
during the holidays, customer appreciation for
being open was really great. It’s a good reminder
to get that face-to-face interaction with people and
to remember that there are good people in the world
who are very grateful for what they have. 

Emily Hagen
Crew Member
Years in the industry: 15 
St. Paul

I haven’t worked a holiday here, but at one location
I worked at, Black Friday totally destroyed my
Thanksgiving experience. It can be fun to have
people in the holiday spirit, (and) at one place I
worked someone would make cookies that I could
bring home. Holiday parties are fun, too. If you work at the right place, they will take care of you. 


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