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The Revolution at Rosedale Mall

No better way to localize a NYC concept than to have Paul Bunyan and Babe sharing a bowl of ramen noodles.

When Revolution Hall opened its doors to the public a week before Black Friday at the Rosedale Mall in Roseville, it didn’t find anyone joining the resistance. The 11 original concepts, ranging from handheld sandwiches to sushi burritos made by a robot to sweets stuffed inside sweets, will be hard for shoppers to resist.

The team from Craveable Hospitality Group gave a media preview the Thursday before Thanksgiving, which included a stop first at the Barrel Bar for whiskey and ended with the decadent PieCaken Bakery. 

Chef Matt O’Neill, who is VP of culinary for the New York-based group, described their prep style as a “day in the life of an onion.” “The same guy is slicing onions for burgers, noodles,” in essence, all the concepts, he said about their central kitchen. While the concept is out of NYC, it will be local, from the 15 salaried employees (plus 200 hourly) to the art on the walls from Minnesota artists. 

Because more seating and connectivity is even more important today, the center of the second floor is a giant dining area. The idea, we were told, is to have independent concepts, like Angry Tacos & Tequila Bar and Saltbrick Burger, but to have them flow into each other seamlessly. 

Food halls are not just to give shoppers and mall employees a place to eat, but to create a destination dining experience that can take advantage of valet parking and acres of free spaces. While food halls alone won’t save malls, they will go a long way in enticing us back while we wait for condominium towers to replace dying department stores and driverless cars to give us back parking lots for gardens. After all, what’s a meal to do? There should only be three in any given day. 

Whiskey at a food court? No, at a
food hall—a big difference. 

Playing off the name, Revolution Hall,
a graphic under the stairs is a collage
of Prince posters that form a hip version of the American flag. 


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