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What’s Cooking in CenterPoint’s Kitchen

Ann Lovcik found it challenging to cut a pork chop in half and move one piece to the side to represent a pie chart for a graphic. Here, Suzanne Pierazek applies oil to the moving piece to get it to slide.

Here’s our tip on how to make videos on business tips: allow lots of time for retakes and have extra pork chops on hand. 

FSN Publisher Jared Pfeifer and I were on set as a series of energy-saving tips were shot for CenterPoint’s website. By the time we arrived, photographer Scott Amundson already had the white background in place and the camera set to record. The filming took place in Ann Lovcik’s office and kitchen. As the foodservice energy efficiency consultant/sales pro, Lovcik’s office is in the corner of CenterPoint’s demonstration kitchen where dealers can bring potential customers in to try out new state-of-the-art equipment, such as combi ovens.

Both Lovcik and Eric Johansen, an energy efficiency engineer, were dressed in their blue CenterPoint collared shirts, as they stood on the left side of the background to allow space for the graphs and visuals that would be added later. Lovcik’s duties extended to cutting a pork chop into a pie chart to illustrate one of the tips and she ended up with pork splatters on her shirt from cooking the prop for our lunch. Fortunately, her office was also home to two CenterPoint polo shirts. 

Saying a few words printed on cue cards is much harder than it looks. Along with general stressing out, there’s stressing certain words over others, not talking with your hands and trying not to laugh as five pairs of eyes stare at you, also trying not to laugh.

The tips included two messages about rebates and savings, since research found that most people retain the message when both are included, said Suzanne Pierazek, marketing product manager/marketing strategy, who was the director and producer. Stay tuned:  The videos will be ready at the first of the year

Eric Johansen says his lines
while photographer Scott Amundson films.

FSN Publisher Jared Pfeifer
stepped in to hold the cue cards
above the camera so Johansen’s
eyes were in the right spot. 


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