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Server Speak: What’s Your New Year’s Restaurant Resolution?

Jake Jones
Years in the industry: 6 years
Shop Manager
Five Watt Coffee, Minneapolis

Continue to set a standard and find a way to
always say yes. We do interesting things with
coffee and we also want to stay inclusive to all
customers. We also want to continue to encourage
our baristas to experiment, too. Actually, we have a
new drink that will be on the menu this year. It’s the 
Corado Cortado—espresso, raspberry bitters and
honey. It is a tribute to a family member of a barista
that passed away.

Grace Christensen 
Years in the industry: 4 years 
A Baker’s Wife Bakery, Minneapolis

Well it’s not necessarily a plan for the future,
but I would like to own a bakery at some point in
the future. I’d like to spend more of the year learning
how to run things.

Marty Moreno 
Years in the industry: 7 years
Common Roots Cafe, Minneapolis

More eye contact.


Christa Knoll 
Years in the industry: 5 years 

Be more friendly to people and gentle with
customers than I already am. 

Rose Weselmann
Years in the industry: 5 months
Food Runner
Centro at Popol Vuh, Minneapolis

Since this place is new, I want to do what I
can to help learn the new systems that are
going to be put in place, helping management
get organized and with communication.

Noy Phtomngam
Years in the industry: 9 years
On’s Thai Kitchen, St. Paul

From a customer perspective, I think to have
more patience with service—especially for
smaller businesses. I think people can want
their food and service so quickly that they don’t think of everything else that is happening around them. 


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