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Server Speak: Where Would You Choose to Park Your Food Truck?

Jerry Edwards
Years in the industry: 40 
Xtreme Cuisine

It depends on the event. It’s also better in
different states. Like, I’d pick wherever the
Super Bowl is or Texas where it’s warm all

Levi Cottington & Dan Tourville
Years in the industry: 6, 9 
Market BBQ

Ooh! Dubai. Buckingham palace.

Freddie Krueger’s tombstone.

Jay Hansen 
Years in the industry: 25
Turbo Taco

Hawaii, Venice Beach or Cabo. You gotta
see the beach while serving tacos.

Marcos Munos 
Years in the industry: 4 
Habanero Tacos

Hard to say. It’s a good spot here [downtown
Minneapolis], but I’m assuming that there’s other places. Do you know? I’d like to know where they are.

Michael Jameson & Matt Rudolph 
Years in the industry: 1 
Jamos New Zealand Pie Company

Take it back to New Zealand and park it by the beach.


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