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Women Who Really Cook Really Network

In addition to Sara’s Tipsy Pies, Sue Zelickson supplied an array of savory snacks for the meeting.

In case you don’t know the origin of the name for the women’s networking group started by Sue Zelickson, Women Who Really Cook, it’s a play off of a jazz group from a few years ago who called themselves Women Who Cook. And the WWRC members who showed up at Foodservice News’ headquarters in mid-May for the monthly networking meeting proved the name is no misnomer.

Members share their products, as well as what’s going on in their companies, and ask for referrals or solutions if they’ve hit a pothole on their culinary path. Ameeta Jaiswal, founder of Panache, a plant-based beverage company, was the first to make a request. “I’m looking for a blogger. Every time I write something, my 22-year-old daughter rolls her eyes and says, ‘it’s so constipated, Mom.’ And I don’t know how to make it unconstipated.”

Monica Jimenez, Hacienda San José

Michelle Mazzara of Luvafoodie brought chocolate bars, the first food product she developed. Her news was that her new umami spice blend is debuting on WCCO-TV with Jason DeRusha over Memorial Day weekend. It took her six months to develop the bitter, sour, sweet and salty flavor. She also launched an all-natural spice blend for dogs and cats that help relieve the discomfort of arthritis and other ailments. 

Sara Hayden brought Sara’s Tipsy Pies for members to indulge in. She came up with the idea to include local alcohol in her pastries after she attended a chamber of commerce meeting where the speaker said every business needed to have a hook, or something that differentiates them from the competition. (Check out our FSN blog for more on Hayden’s State Fair experience.),

Zelickson, who knows the backstories on everyone in the group, pointed out that Hayden had built a successful company—it’s going into a storefront on the main drag of Stillwater—without going to culinary school. In honor of that accomplishment, she presented her with a copy of “Pie School,” a cookbook she discovered while visiting the Napa area of California the previous week.

We all know that nothing beats another women when it comes to support, but it’s always nice to see a live demonstration. (More stories from the meeting on our blog.) 


Sara Hayden, Sara’s Tipsy Pies

Michelle Mazzara Luvafoodie

Ameeta Jaisal, Panache


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