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Tip, Tip Hooray—Some Counter Humor

I can’t look at a tip jar without thinking about the “Seinfeld” episode where George gets caught with his hand in the jar. He wasn’t stealing, he just wanted to re-tip so the counterperson would see him put a dollar in the jar. Tip jars may have originally been designed as a vessel for spare change from a transaction, but they’re now ubiquitous. Some people resent being asked for a tip; others consider it an obligation or a joy. I have never met a tip jar I didn’t feed, but I tip more when they’re jarringly clever, like the ones here:

It’s actually the love of money that’s the root
of all evil, but I didn’t find the servers at Rustica 
Cookies and Creamery in the Mall of America evil for loving a tip.
The first time I spotted this message at the
R Taco in Northeast Minneapolis, the sign
was bigger, but “Sexy People Tip,” is a
compelling reason to part with your
Wordsmithing workers at Lu’s Sandwiches in
Northeast Minneapolis  went for the homonym
with their double-meaning of bonding and banh 
mi sandwiches. 
Here’s what the well-dressed tip bowls are
wearing at the Bachelor Farmer café in the
North Loop. No shirt, no service?
People’s Organic in the IDS Center was looking
for tips on who was going to win the Super Bowl, before the big game.
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