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Server Speak: How Has Working Changed the Way You Dine Out?

John Haynes
Years in the industry: 10
Camp Bar, St. Paul 

Great question! It has made me more aware of all
that goes into customer service and how servers
and bartenders want you to have a great experience
at their establishment. I think it increases patience
and understanding that servers, especially, don’t control
everything related to the dining experience. There can
be backups in the kitchen and bar and the server is often
at their mercy.

Kyelaya Rostron
FOH/Server/Food Runner
Years in the industry: 7
World Street Kitchen, Minneapolis 

It’s DEFINITELY changed the way I dine out. Anytime
I’m out with my friends I’m always the one who will be
stacking up everything so it’s easier for the server or
I’ll wait for the table to be cleaned before I sit down.
I’ll always be respectful to the staff and make sure that
everyone that I’m with does the same. One thing that
people don’t really realize is how many different people
and personalities you’re taking care of during your shift.
Customers can think that they’re the only people being
served, so I always try to be respectful and patient when
I’m dining out because I know how much energy that takes. 

Matt Blumenkrantz
Barista/Line Cook/Everything
Years in the industry: 11
Seward Cafe, Minneapolis

On odd-man orders I feel more inclined to apologize.
Tip more. Also I’ll try to hold off on being complicated
when I can tell a line is long or my server is super busy.

Shawn Nafstad
Owner and Assistant General Manager
(and local comedian)
Years in the industry: 8
Apoy, Minneapolis

Owning a restaurant hasn’t really changed how I
dine out much. I still have the same expectations
from service to the actual food. Only different thing
I do now is look at things and try to guess how much
they cost. Like the decor or food cost for whatever it is I ordered.

Presko Hanson
Years in the industry: 3
Seward Coop Creamery Cafe, Minneapolis

I’ll clean up my stuff and make it easier for my server. I have more respect for people who do the work that I do.


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