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Server Speak: What’s Your Favorite Pre-shift Meal or Routine?

Noah Barnavy
Years in the industry: 3 ½
Mucci’s Minneapolis

Chef decides (the preshift meal). It can be pizza or
pasta, fried chicken lamb ragu, whatever can be
made from the components we have for the menu.
(Is it ever bad?) I would be impressed if people could
make a bad pizza with what we have on hand (as ingredients).

Joey Monyok
Years in the Industry: 12 (FOH)
Eastside Eat + Drink

Coffee. I’m not a big morning eater (for his brunch shift).
The biscuit and gravy is the staff favorite. At night it’s
something that’s not going to weigh me down, like a
protein bar. Sometimes after our shift the kitchen will
cook something.

Ladis “Lagis” Mazurkevicz
Years in the industry: 20
Meritage, St. Paul

I love that we get to hang out with the back of house.
Our meal is comforting food—chili, fried chicken, tacos. 

Emma Carmona
Years in the Industry: 18
Black  Diamond, Burnsville

We do get a shift meal, but I’m gluten-free and dairy-free,
so I usually bring my own food.

Malka Hampton
Years in the Industry: 3
Wilde Restaurant, Minneapolis

I’m an opener, so I get here at 6:30 and there’s just
two in the early morning. I usually have a bagel on
the bus and then eat when I get here—something like eggs and potatoes (half off) that will last til I get home.


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