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Server Speak: If You Could Only Pick One Ice Cream Flavor, What Would it Be?

Austin Vdakes 
Assistant Manager
Years in the industry: 3 
Sebastian Joe’s (Franklin Avenue location)

Our vegan strawberry because you can eat a
ton of it and still feel great. Wanna try some?

Bryan Zickermann and Dan Gardner
Years in the industry: 1 year and 12 years
Server and Assistant Manager
MN Nice Cream

Bryan: Vanilla. I’m a classic man.

Dan: True…It’s a good base for anything! You
can have it with coffee, with cereal. You can put
anything on it.

Libby Koefoe 
Years in the industry: 4.5 

Easy. One word: Chocolate

Kirsten Poppenhagen 
Ice Cream Chef
Years in the industry: 14
Sweet Chow, Minneapolis

Only one?! Oh gosh...probably our own
Thai Tea ice cream. I love the vanilla tones
and warm flavors even though it’s cold.

Kyle Farizel
General Manager 
Years in the industry: 20
Cold Front, St. Paul

One of our own flavors. It’s called, “This Sh**
Just Got Serious.” It’s salted caramel with cashews and season fudge.


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