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Server Speak: Where Do You See Gratitude Being Practiced?

Dan Anderson
12 years
Restaurant Alma, Minneapolis

I see gratitude in the service industry in something
called the “Circle of Love.” This is a practice that
takes place during our team’s pre-shift huddle,
where staff is free to acknowledge positive things
others on the team have done (for guests, for each
other), and sharing them with everyone in the room.
This isn’t the case in every restaurant, but I’ve seen
it contribute to a greater sense of gratitude, respect,
and camaraderie amongst those who do.

Connor Smith
10 years
The Bird, Minneapolis

Well, I am grateful myself for the flexibility that
I have to move around. I’m from Florida originally
and now I’m here. I especially like the social aspect
of the job here in Minnesota, it’s way less touristy
than Florida.

Melanie Madden 
3 years
Green Bee Juicery
Keg and Case Market, St. Paul

Well, I see it in the technical sense. People will
give us tips even though we have a no tipping
policy. I also see it in how people treat each other,
like how they will remember my name for every
time they come in.

Rachel Lemons
Assistant Manager
12 years
Sweet Science Ice Cream
Keg and Case Market, St. Paul

As a worker in the industry—eye contact. When
customers make eye contact with me instead of
just looking down or at their phones it really makes
my day.

Zowie Bingham 
Shift Leader
6 years
Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea

When guests mention how they enjoy our location
and bring their friends back, or in tips. Toward our
customers, I see it in thanking them, holding the
door open and just trying to go above and beyond for them. I mean if we didn’t have customers then we wouldn’t be here! 


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