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Server Speak: What Are the Best and Worst Part of Being a Server?

Jack Tillman 
In the industry: 7 years
Lawless Distillery, Minneapolis

The hardest part, especially as a bartender, is
the task of having to remember a Rolodex of drinks.
Different places will have different builds of drinks
so it can be tough to remember it all. At the same
time, being competent in that field to walk into a
place and make drinks feels pretty good. The best
part is a cliché, but it’s the people I work with. The
relationships that are forged in the fire of serving
$9,000-worth of drinks over a few hours are unlike
anything else. Also, being able to have a job that
satisfies both the creative and organizational parts
of my brain is great.

Annie Wickhem 
In the industry: 7 years
Pizza Luce, St. Paul

I think the best part is the relationships I build
with my regulars. It’s a small community, so my
regulars really have gotten to know me and I’ve
gotten to know about them. I think the chaos is
the hardest part. At the same time, the clean up
of the chaos feels really good. 

Charles Dilly 
In the industry: 10 years
The Sonder Shaker, Minneapolis

The best part is all of the positive energy we
get from the N.E. community. Sometimes the
hours can be hard, but really not for me. I really
enjoy what I do. I have worked a desk job, I’ve
done that life, but I like to talk and it’s harder for
me to do an 8-10 hour day sitting.

Hannah McDaniel
In the industry: 4 years
Selby Bar & Grill, St. Paul

Finding a balance between work and personal
life can be tough. I see a lot of people, sometimes
twice daily and they feel like they want to know
everything about my life. The best part I think is
that it’s a great landing spot between life transitions.

Emily Capaistrant 
Server and Food Runner
In the industry: 2 years
The Lowry, Minneapolis

Best part is for sure the people. This is actually
my second job, I also do freelance work for an
advertising agency in Chicago. I love working
here though because it’s always different and
I love the people I work with. The hard part can
be the long hours, and people can be pretty unforgiving when they are in a mood. 


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