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Sever Speak: What’s your favorite part of working at restaurant in the fall?

Anna Devine
Years in the business: 7 months
Dunn Bros, Minneapolis

Well, I really like the atmosphere here. It’s cozy.
People order lattes—pumpkin spice, of course.
I get to practice my latte art. The Linden Hills community
is also really great. There is a farmer’s market and the
people are just really happy. 

Rashad Butler
Years in the business: 20
Cheeze Louise, Minneapolis

The menu changes—you get a lot of seasonal
vegetables, cinnamon and warm flavors.

Grace Tutland
Years in the business: 2 months
Red Rabbit, St. Paul

Christmas season coming close. I know it’s a far
way off, but we decorate here and make it really special.

Aaron Schulte
Years in the business: 36 
Zumbro Café, Minneapolis

The decline of the craziness! It’s a good rest.

Garrett Berg
Years in the business: 2 
Sebastian Joe’s, Minneapolis

I think I love the community that seems to come
out during the fall. Summer is really hot and people
can be cranky waiting in line for ice cream.
People just seem to be more relaxed and I enjoy watching the community interact with each other while waiting in line for ice cream.


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