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People to Know and Places to Go

On July 25, Comcast Business brought Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine—host of several Food Network shows, such as "Worst Cooks in America" and "Restaurant: Impossible"— to Cooks of Crocus Hill in St. Paul. The focus was to share some fresh, higher-level appetizer and menu ideas, along with tips on getting your business event-ready to make the most of the 2018 Super Bowl opportunity. His entertaining presentation to a gathering of nearly 50 operators and industry VIPs included interesting history and use of spices, oils and basic sautéing techniques. This led to his main message of preparedness being the key to seizing a huge event opportunity, by preparing staff, getting equipment ready, properly stocking up, and using technology.

Technology was the particular focus as the now-permanent cornerstone in the back-of-house, front-of-house, and outside-the-house 24/7 marketing. From ordering and inventory management to oven scheduling and temp monitoring to customer-only Wi-fi and entertainment, plus live engagement and online customer retention in the cloud, restaurateurs simply can’t be behind the curve. Irvine shared anecdotes from one of his shows of the staggering improvement realized when bringing one operator out of the 1950s into 2016 with some of the basics of social media, among other improvements.

It was an entertaining and informative evening. And while he acknowledged the crew along the way, in wrapping up, Chef Irvine gave full credit to the staff and management of Cooks of Crocus Hill for the excellent preparation of all the items served. 

After the organizers called "an audible"
to his VIP tailgate menu, Chef Robert Irvine
(right) helps improvise a dish by pureeing
corn dogs, Spam and Teddy Grahams, with
his traveling team chef Brian Goodman.

Not-so-volunteer taster Stephanie March
of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine braces herself to
sample the multi-meat/cookie item. Her
pleasantly relieved comment: "The red onion was a nice accent!”


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