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Summertime Is When the Reporting is Easy

Aerial acrobats entertained guests checking out the Hilton Minneapolis’ $27M renovation. Check out our news feed at www.foodservicenews.net for this blog and more.

Every profession has its share of odd requests. As a journalist I get press releases that illicit a response that ranges from “YES, Yes, yes” to “OK, that’s useful” to “really?“ A pitch that fell into the latter category was from an agent who represents a nudity expert. One would think I would never have cause to follow up on nudity, but once she pitched a chef at a nudist resort and I would have been remiss if I didn’t ask what the fry-station attendant wore to work. As it turned out nothing fun here: They wear regular clothes in the kitchen, but he did say it was difficult to keep the cooks in the kitchen when the guests started milling around the pool. Plus, think how difficult it would be to discern if anyone was celebrating a birthday since they wear their birthday suits every day.

For chefs, the potential for humor is there every time a guest orders. On Facebook I ran across a list from a website that allows cooks to rant on the dumbest requests they’ve received. Here are some highlights: Someone ordered a well-done hamburger because their doctor said absolutely no red meat; an omelet, easy on the egg; a hamburger, hold the hamburger; a cappuccino with the foam on the side; and to sub fettuccine for penne, because they’re allergic to penne. The last one makes you wonder if the diner also is allergic to spaghetti, or if it’s just shaped pasta that causes a reaction.

Fortunately, Open Arms didn’t think it was odd when I requested a driver’s route on the side. The nonprofit relies on volunteers to both cook and deliver meals to people with life-threatening illnesses. As the charity of choice for the Charlie Awards, Foodservice News is donating time as well as proceeds from the award ceremony and dinner to Open Arms. You can do your part by being in the audience for the show February 25 at the Pantages Theater. But first, please be our guest at the Charlies Kick-off September 18 at Foodservice News headquarters. Email abbi@foodservicenews.net to register for this free event. 

Foodservice News has been busy both planning events and covering them. Another important event to add to your calendar is our business summit October 25 at Surly Brewing Company. We decided to mix it up a bit with this one and hold it in the afternoon rather than morning. The upside is that the education comes with a beer chaser. After presentations on using your tech and social media to attract customers, plus an update on all the exciting culinary opportunities at the MSP airport, attendees will have ample time to network and sample Surly’s popular beer and food.

Last month I toured the newly upgraded Hilton Minneapolis hotel, where extremely limber people hung from the ceiling, wrapped in bolts of material or by hula hoops. To find out what the hoopla was all about, check out our news feed at
www.foodservicenews.net. I also ate my way through the MSP airport, and found fodder for Twitter and Facebook from a quick weekend trip to Denver. Check out those photos and comments on  Twitter: @nanweingartner, and FSN Facebook.

Events Editor Laura Michaels was also busy. She attended a conference for school foodservice professionals where she snapped pictures and talked to suppliers at the vendor show; bet on the ponies with Reinhart; and spent the day taking pictures at the Toby Tournament. One of these days Laura will put down her camera and pick up a golf club, but in the meantime you benefit from seeing her portraits of the local foodservice community.

We’ve enjoyed putting together this issue and hope you’ll enjoy reading all the coverage from a court decision on tip pooling to Meritage’s 10th anniversary to the major upgrades at Stickney Hill Dairy.

As we get ready to tackle October’s issue, please continue to send press releases and invitations. We try to get out of the office as much as possible. 

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