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New and Noteworthy

Fresco offers a full line of dinnerware with a unique matte-finish glaze in earthy tones that swirl and merge into patterns, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition to dinnerware and bowls, the company is now offering Fresco Hues mugs, all in the 14-oz. café size, with the same three vibrant interior colors as the bowls—robin’s egg blue, goldenrod, and lemongrass—plus the original Fresco inside and out. For information: www.hlcdinnerware.com


Wissotzky Tea is introducing Nana Mint, a slightly and naturally sweet cultivar of Mentha spicata, found only in the Mediterranean region and prized by Israelis, Moroccans, and other nearby Middle Eastern cultures. The full line of carefully crafted Simply Nana Teas, include: Mint Black Tea; Mint Green Tea; Mint Herbal Lemon Tea; Mint Herbal Ginger Tea; and Mint Herbal Chamomile Tea. In addition, Wissotzky, a division of Kayco, is providing multi-tiered support to drive the Nana Tea revolution. Promotions include digital advertising, shopper marketing, social media, influencer marketing, demos and a presence on Amazon. Every bag of Wissotzky Tea contains 100% natural tea and hand-selected herbs and spices for a full-bodied, GMO-free, certified kosher tea drinking experience. For information: www.Kayco.com.


Bush’s Best’s newest product is the Bush’s Best Blended Burger, a plant and beef-based offering that looks, tastes and cooks like an all-beef burger, but has less fat and fewer calories. With Bush’s Best quality beans and mushrooms replacing 40% of the beef content, the Blended Burger has just four ingredients: beef, Bush’s Great Northern Beans, mushrooms and salt.

One third of Americans say they are flexitarian, mostly because it allows them to eat healthy without removing the foods they love. This burger has the great flavor and juiciness of a traditional beef burger, with all the benefits of plant-based protein. Pre-formed, frozen 4-oz. raw patties make it easy for operators to give their guests a delicious burger that is gluten, allergen, dairy and soy-free. 

Operators can use the blended burger in a classic burger application or can use it as the foundation for more unique menuing ideas. 

Bibb lettuce can take the place of a traditional bun in the Bunless Greek Burger, a gluten-free option featuring the blended burger topped with tomato, red onion, yellow bell pepper and the Mediterranean taste of red pepper hummus and feta cheese. 

Another application is the Pimento Cheese Burger, which combines the  blended burger with red cabbage vinegar slaw, banana peppers and pimento cheese, in a Hawaiian bun. 

For more information, visit www.bushsblendedburger.com.


Most restaurants and bars secure patio furniture, liquor cages, supplies and other items with traditional combination or key padlocks that can be hard to track who has access, especially if an item goes missing. Tapplock has created a smart padlock that pairs the smart Tapplock one+ fingerprint lock with an enterprise management platform. Instead of using keys, the Tapplock solution gives businesses the ability to load up to 500 employee fingerprints to one lock so all employees need to do is scan a  fingerprint on locked equipment to access it. Access can be controlled via the platform with parameters set for day and time access, and the ability to add or revoke access permission at any time remotely if an employee is fired. The locks can also be unlocked remotely if needed and the platform stores access reports. For information: https://tapplock.com


Comfrey Farm was founded to deliver the highest-quality, all-natural pork. The company currently is launching two nationwide programs: Certified DUROC pork, and No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Certified DUROC. Comfrey Farm pigs are sired by registered, purebed Durocs specially bred, not for production efficiency or leanness, but for exceptional meat quality characteristics. Animals are fed a 100% vegetarian, vitamin- and mineral-packed diet consisting of locally grown grains with no artificial ingredients or growth promotants, including no Paylean. The result is pork with extensive marbling, ruby-pink color, and optimal pH levels. Bacon and Bourbon Brown Sugar Duroc bacon are also available for retail and foodservice. For information: http://www.comfreyfarmpork.com/where-to-buy


RightWater offers the modern-thinking and socially responsible consumer a plastic-free solution to the growing epidemic of harmful plastic waste by ethically packaging responsibly sourced water from natural springs in 100% recyclable aluminum and BPA-free cans. Highlights include support by Greenpeace, BPA free, the ideal pH balance and spring water from protected natural springs in California.  For information: https://www.drinkrightwater.com



Thanks to a new partnership with Infinium Spirits, award-winning Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is available statewide in Minnesota. The unusual combination became the signature shot at an Ocean Beach, California, bar before going nationwide. For information, www.skrewballwhiskey.com.

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