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Pop-up Quiz

Since September signals back-to-school, we thought we’d thrown you a different kind of pop-up, a pop quiz.

1. What event caused pet food suppliers to shift from people food to dried kibble?

2. What country is the No. 1 exporter of dried apricots to the U.S.?

3. A c-store in California is offering patrons a healthier version of the standard high-grossing slushie. Name two of the functional food ingredients.

4. How many ZIP codes in Minnesota are represented in Bootleg Biology’s Local Yeast Project, a national registry of local beer yeast strains? 








1. When tin and meat were rationed in WWII, the pet food industry started using breakfast cereal machines to cook dough at high temperatures to create kibble. Before, the 1950s, dogs ate real food like the fur babies they are.

2. The U.S. imported a total of 13,970 tons dried apricots worth $44.9 million from Turkey in 2018, according to the Turkey Promotion Group. Turkey also exported 11,472 tons of dried figs and 48,327 tons of raisins to the U.S. in the same year. 

3. The Goods Mart in Silver Lake, California, are getting a healthy boost from organic claims and functional ingredients like blueberry and kombucha, according to 

4. Zero. Here’s why they’re doing it, according to their website, bootlegbiology.com: “If you want to make a truly local beer, you’ve got to have a local yeast. And with that local yeast you can make a beer with a taste and aroma that is totally unique to where you live or travel. Every region across the globe is chock full of unique and wild yeast ready and willing to make a lunch out of your barley sugar.”

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