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Server Speak: Your Favorite Summer Food Event

Alaina Marti
Years in the business: 1 

Tillie’s Farmhouse
St. Paul

I know the Cinco de Mayo parade in St. Paul
and the May Day parade have really good food!

Shadi Joudeh 
Kitchen Manager/Chef
Years in the business: 10 
Dumpling, Minneapolis

I’ve worked a lot of festivals. India Fest has
the most exciting food. It’s like a little India-Town.
[It happened] August 10 on Capitol Hill in downtown
St. Paul.

Joe Howard 
FOH manager
Years in the business: 15 
Glam Doll Doughnuts, Minneapolis

That’s a hard question. Wait, no that’s an easy
question—Ren Fest is my favorite festival. When
it comes to the originals, it’s the turkey leg, but
my favorite now is the fried teriyaki chicken. 

Karl Juhnke 
Years in the business: 5 
Precision Grind, Minneapolis

Besides the State Fair, I like the Uptown Art
Fair. The stretch of booths along Lagoon is a great section of food.

Max Litin 
Years in the business: 5  
Passionflower, Minneapolis

The farmers market. It’s our people: the
health-conscious people, people looking for fresh, fast and plant-based food.”


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