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Server Speak: How Has Your Job Changed?

Deborah and Sharon Gallentine
The Crafty Twins
Red Wing Farmers Market
Years in the business: 4 (at Farmers' Market)

Sharon: I used to own a bakery, but decided to retire
and do this. At first (after the market was closed to the
public) we did it online, but sales were slow. People come
to the market to see us. This location works (in a parking lot),
but it was better when we were on the street.

Wally Joseph
Musician (singer/guitar)
Hope Breakfast Bar
St. Paul
Years in the business: “Since I was this high”

My bookings have been great: 28 gigs in 30 days.
Bigger bands can’t be booked, so I’m doing a lot of
private parties and patios nonstop. I’m here (Hope
Breakfast Bar) on the weekends and heading over to
The Gnome at 6 (p.m.) I have been doing this since I
was a kid and I’m now 42; my grandmother was an
opera singer and my father was a jazz musician.

Josiah Horn
Piccadilly Valet
JD Hoyt's

Not much is different, except it’s mask, gloves,
hand sanitizer every time we park a car. But people
don't seem to be worried about us being in their cars,
especially the ones who come to us. I'm sure there's a group of people who don't come here that might be concerned. 


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