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Food on Demand Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

I come from a family that likes to eat, so it's only natural that the gifts I give sometimes have a food theme. After working on our Food on Demand media project, this year's holiday gifts will not only be delivered by a third party, they'll be reoccurring. For my vegan daughter, I'll send The Herbivorous Butcher's Pizza Pack, so that she can add Italian "sausage" and "pepperoni" to her diet without killing an animal. GreenBlender's Jenna Tanenbaum sold me on the virtues of sending a weekly box of smoothie ingredients (writing is an expensive job) to the people you love. So that takes care of the long-distance runners in NYC. The jury's still out on who gets the nativity scene made out of gourmet chocolate from Cordial Cherry. 

Food on demand, via third-party vendor and/or technology, is being touted as a major disrupter to an industry that's already hanging on by slim margins. Will it be the savior of restaurants or will all future meals come to our homes in a box? (That's a little ironic when you think of the way we leave this life.) The talented editorial staff at Franchise Times will be delving into these meaty issues in a fresh (and up-beat way) as we continue to see new players enter the fray as well as some consolidation among the strong and the weaker.

Enjoy this issue on four diverse topics here: http://tinyurl.com/gmcghos For previous articles, visit our website at www.foodondemandnews.com.

And may your December have more fruitful moments than fruitcakes. 

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