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Angel Food Bakery Wants to Keep Your Bad Ex-lovers on Pins and Needled

Want an ex-love to experience a little justified bad Juju? There’s a doughnut for that.

Angel Food Bakery in downtown Minneapolis added Juju Donuts to its assortment of sugary Valentine's Day treats several years ago, and they remain popular. Why? Because nothing says, “You will pay for breaking my heart,” quite as well as sugar “glass” shards stuck into a frosting heart on a voodoo-looking doughnut doll. And if sticking pens into it, voodoo style, isn’t enough you can always disembowel it to see the cherry filling spill out.

We ordered both a good and evil Juju doll ($8.50 each). The red gumdrops atop a tiny pretzel stick are meant to be cupid arrows for the good voodoo doughnut, but they could just as easily double as hatchets for the evil one (maybe that’s how you’re supposed to get it to spill its guts).

For the serious revenge-seeker, names of their not-so-loved ones can be piped in frosting across their middle. Good and bad dolls are frosted in white, chocolate or purple. (Is that a nod to the Vikings breaking our hearts back in January?)

Katy Gerdes, who is chef/owner along with mom Cynthia Gerdes, created the doughnut for a heartbroken friend and it garnered so much attention, she started making them for Valentine’s Day. Cynthia Gerdes also is co-owner of Hell’s Kitchen, which fittingly resides in the basement of the building on South 9th Street, while Angels floats above.

“Folks started contacting us in January asking if we would be offering them again for Valentine’s Day,” Cynthia Gerdes said.

Not one to pass up a good cause, the bakery also whipped up a batch of Pussy Pastries (pink frosted doughnuts with coconut fur, cat faces and almond ears, based on the Pussyhats for the women’s march in January) for the Planned Parenthood rally last Saturday. 

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