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Ariana's Kitchen is Daughter-Father Partnership

Lenny and Ariana Feygin, the father-daughter partners behind Ariana's Kitchen.


Since she’s been donating her cooking services to charity auctions, Ariana Feygin has made more than a quarter of a million dollars for a  variety of different good causes around the Twin Cities. Not bad for a 14 year old.

We ran into Ariana and her father, Lenny Feygin, at the Charlies’ Afterparty at Seven Steakhouse & Sushi January 27. The two are now officially business partners. Ariana was first featured in Foodservice News fresh from competing on the TV show MasterChef Junior. At the time of the interview there were still nine episodes left to air, so Ariana wasn’t talking about the experience in too much detail. Nor did her poker face give away the outcome. As it turned out, she didn’t walk away with the $100,000 top prize, but the experience convinced both her, and more importantly her parents, that cooking wasn't a passing fancy, it was her vocation.

And although her poise and vocabulary make her appear as if she's an adult, she’s still attending high school—which is a priority, she’s quick to add. Do her classmates sometimes seem a bit young to her? Sometimes, she answered, diplomatically.  

Lenny Feygin made good on his promise to quit his job as director of sales for a medical device company to manage Ariana’s career, however, the twist is that he’s now a co-founder in her business, Ariana’s Kitchen. He’s been working on his sommelier certification so that he can offer wine pairings with Ariana’s cooking. An added benefit for charity auctions, he says.  

The logo on her business card, a whisk in a mixing bowl with her initial entwined in the handle, also features the three words most important to her: food, family, philanthropy. Maybe some day we'll see her on stage at the Charlies. 

Here's the link to the original story. https://foodservicenews.net/April-2018/MasterChef-Junior-Competitor-Opens-Business/

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