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Jamie Malone Kicks Off Perspectives' Cooking with the Stars

Chef Jamie Malone shows how to crack the meringue-like shell on the branzino and retrieve the moist fish.

Following orders from Chef/Owner Jamie Malone of Grand Café and Eastside, enthusiastic guests literally buried the whole branzino fish under an igloo of whipped egg whites and salt. Meanwhile two other groups tackled a cheesy flatbread/tartine and salad, while still others portioned pot de crème into round stemware (known as wineglasses in other locales) that someone had discovered in a Kids Café little used cupboard. Wine is not served at Kids Cafe, even at fancy dinners like this one.

Malone’s signature style of French cooking kicked off the popular 2019 series of Cooking with the Stars, a popular dinner series that is auctioned off every year at Perspectives annual fundraiser to benefit Kids Café. This year’s six stars are all women chefs with impeccable credentials. 

After talking a bit about her culinary journey and philosophy, Malone asked the group if they wanted to cook or watch. All but a few immediately signed on to help prepare the meal. 

Aided by Jeremiah Lanes and Sara Dooley, both of whom are longtime chef supporters of Kids Café, Malone supervised the preparation of a fennel salad with hazelnuts and pea pods, a flatbread, the fish and a dessert that's served in a charming and tiny pot at Grand Cafe. Participants, who learned some of her trade secrets (such as a sprinkle of olive oil to the dessert and how to test to see if a fish is done using your lip), also receive a copy of all the recipes that were prepared. 

The classes have grown over the years to accommodate the number of people who want to not only support Kids Café, but who also want a personal foodie experience with top chefs in town. 

Sue Zelickson founded the hands-on kitchen classroom to teach cooking skills and nutrition to kids whose mothers are participating in the housing and social service programs offered by Perspectives. The chefs she recruits volunteer their time and expertise, and in Malone's case, all the food as well. 

Next up are Soile Anderson, formerly of Deco Catering and the Taste of Scandinavia, and Ann Kim of Young Joni, Hello Pizza and Pizzeria Lola. 

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