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Brasa Adds Employee Relief Fund fee to Take-out orders

Jake, who is wearing a number of different hats as part of Brasa's new lean workforce, hands us our meal from six feet away.

The two Brasa Premium Rotisseries—one on Grand Avenue in St Paul and the original on Hennepin in Southeast Minneapolis—are currently carrying the load for its sister restaurants, Restaurant Alma and Café Alma, which have closed their doors and are no longer taking orders. 

Owner Alex Roberts and crew posted on Brasa’s website that staff has temporarily been laid off, but the company is continuing to cover 100% of employee health insurance premiums through May 31st and we will continue this coverage as long as we have the funds.”

A 15 percent service charge to online and walk-in orders has been added, with the money going directly to the staff who are still manning the restaurants and to an employee relief fund to help those out of work. “If you have an issue with the service charge or cannot afford it, we will willingly remove it from your bill,” the post said. In addition, credit card slips still have a tip line, with the money going directly to the server or manager who delivered the food to the patron.

On the day we picked up our lunch order, about three other people walked up to order, rather than using the app. One customer came in a cab, but it turned out to be the cab driver ordering, not his passenger.

We ordered at the front door, which was then closed as Jake went inside to place the order and bring out our bill. Inside a table was set up with the bags starting to line up for phone orders.

On our order of two sandwiches and a spicy masa corn cake (a must), we paid $3.88 to the employee relief fund, along with $2.39 of sales tax. I’m not sure I would have noticed the extra fee if I hadn’t read about it on the website before driving over to order in person.

It took about 10 minutes from start to finish, and the food traveled well—and was enough for a second lunch the next day.

And let’s hope that Roberts ending sentiments in his post are spot on:”We believe that Brasa will survive. We are choosing a positive outlook and are eagerly anticipating the moment we can welcome you back to eat in our spaces.”

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