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Will the Real Sue Zelickson Please Stand Up?

We were told, “Good luck getting traffic to your Charlies booth at the US Foods show if Sue isn’t there.”

And so we made sure Sue was there—if not in person then at least in cardboard.

Sue, of course needs no introduction. She’s Sue Zelickson, the founder of the popular Charlie Awards, along with Scott Mayer, the event that recognizes the best in the Twin Cities metro area’s culinary crowd. She also has a regular column in Minnesota Monthly, and if the number of people who came up to us at the show and told us Sue was their mentor is any measurement, she’s the Culinary Godmother of the Twin Cities.

The reason Foodservice News was hosting the Charlies’ booth at the Food Fanatics spring show at US Bank Stadium is because we’ve partnered with Sue and Mayer and will be producing the 2018 event, which will be February 25 at the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis.

Sue, who never misses an opportunity to network or spread her good cheer, was laid up with a foot injury. The cardboard cutout Sue, however, was a big hit. When FSN Sales Executive Greg DeMarco or I were circling the floor sampling food and taking pictures, people would lift Sue out of the booth and have their picture taken with her. Or they’d take a picture of the cutout and text it to Sue with their good wishes. And best of all, they’d tell us their Sue story.

One show visitor came over to tell me that as he was watching the cooking exhibition, he couldn’t understand why the woman in our booth kept staring at him. He said he was more than a little chagrined when he saw why. Another of Sue’s friends admitted to feeling dismayed that he kept waving at Sue and she ignored him.

The cardboard version of Sue will be out and about one more time: At Foodservice News’ Restaurant Business Summit, Tuesday, May 9, at the Loring Social in Minneapolis from 8 a.m. to noon.

After that, we’re happy to announce, Sue will be back on her feet and three-dimensional. 

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