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Thinking outside the bottle


How Bevi provides the solutions for health- and environmentally minded consumers

It’s been a little over 45 years since Starbucks elevated the obligatory morning cup of Joe to a 24-7 lifestyle. And for most people, having a drink in hand, whether it’s coffee, a bottle of water or a soft drink, is more of a habit than a conscious need for hydration.

While baby boomers grew up on soda, millennials aren’t buying it. Sales for both Pepsi and Coke continue to decline, while bottled water sales are growing, according to Business Insider

But millennials, who are projected to outnumber baby boomers by 2019, have a radically different set of criteria for the products they consume, and for many the cost to the environment of bottled water is too high. Gen Xers, as well, are looking to unbottle the future and find options to soft drinks. 

That sentiment was what Bevi Co-Founder Eliza Becton remembers when she first heard about the Pacific Garbage Patch, a sea of plastic waste, much of which is from single-serving bottled water. According to the Earth Day organization, about 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown in the ocean annually, or the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic being dumped in the ocean every minute.

If she wanted to help solve the problem, Becton knew she had to come up with an original idea that was attention-grabbing and easy to use, a product that would make people voluntarily change their behavior.  Her answer was Bevi, a smart beverage dispenser that provides still or sparkling water with customizable flavors. Consumers can adjust the amount of flavoring they want, along with a choice of several different flavors that are all healthy—and good tasting.

Bevi comes in two eye-catching models: The Standup Bevi is similar in size to a soda machine, while the countertop Bevi has a sleek, countertop dispenser and utilizes a cabinet underneath for storing the hardware components of the machine.

“We’ve saved more than 52 million plastic bottles since we first went into commercial production back in 2013,” says Katie Rooney, Bevi’s Director of Growth Marketing. That environmental responsibility also applies to replacing aluminum cans that don’t always end up in the recycling bin.

The company’s first customers were offices that already provided employees with complimentary sodas or flavored waters like La Croix, Rooney says. The employee who had to buy, stock, maintain and recycle the refrigerated drinks for the office appreciated Bevi’s internet connectivity, as inventory is proactively tracked and Bevi technicians know exactly when to service the machine.

That customer base now includes schools, colleges, gyms, hotel lobbies and additional commercial sites. Hospital waiting rooms and clinics are a perfect fit for a Bevi, Rooney says, because it helps send the message they’re promoting a healthy lifestyle, something soda machines don’t do. The water fountain just isn’t as inviting as a drink station.

Bevi is ideal for college campuses, Rooney explains, because it fits in with the millennials’ need for convenience, healthy drink options, variety and customization. Link here. It’s no news flash that water is the best source of hydration for humans, but it’s also human nature to want variety. Bevi provides that with a number of choices from unsweetened lemon, one of the most popular flavors, to the exotic and trendy strawberry lemongrass, “which is ‘hot’ right now,” Rooney says. Another perk is that the Bevi client chooses the flavors they want, as well as request new flavors.

Plus none of their sweetened flavors are made from high fructose corn syrup: “We use Stevia for most sweetened flavors with the exception of two, which have a small amount of pure cane sugar,” she says. “Our pineapple flavor has just 20 calories per serving, which is much lower than regular pineapple juice.”

Bevi’s fruit-flavored waters are also much healthier than juice, she adds, because juices are packed with sugar.

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