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Keg and Case Offering MN Nice by the Slice

John Kraus, left, and Dean Perlman,a founding partner at Keg and Case, have filled one of the remaining stalls at the trendy market in St. Paul.

MN Slice was dreamed up by one of the founding partners at Keg and Case, Dean Perlman, and chef John Kraus as the two speculated on what concept would take one of the last remaining market stalls. Pizza beat out their other idea, tacos. Situated below Clutch Brewing, the spot will be selling pizza by the slice. Kraus who owns Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis and three Rose Street Patisseries, including one at Keg and Case, said he thought, "Well, heck, I’m already making pizza, but here I could use ingredients from within the market to make it really fun.”

The crust is a chewy sourdough to provide a stable transportation device for a variety of toppings, some traditional, some fanciful. Two classics will always be available: cheese and pepperoni — plus at least one rotating Minnesota-themed flavor. Some examples of these rotating flavors include: “Hot Dish,” (tater tots, mushrooms from neighboring Forest to Fork, ground beef...); “Passive-Aggressive Pie” (spicy sausage and pineapple); “The Long Good-bye,” (spicy merguez, pickles...); and the “Meat Raffle,” which will feature good luck and meats from market neighbor, The K’nack. They've also come up with a Minnesota-adjacent theme, for our neighbors to the East, the “‘Sconnie,” featuring bratwurst and cheese curds.

“We’ve had a blast dreaming up flavor combos and I know we’ll just keep collaborating,” says Perlman in a release.  Slices will be "generous" and range in price from $6 to $10.

Additionally, the MN Slice crew will also be serving warm chocolate chip cookies on occasion. A nod to Kraus' love of making a really good cookie.

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