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Lat 14's Ann Ahmed Delivers the Backstory on Asian Cooking

Ann Ahmed didn’t have a plan when she bought her first restaurant location in Minnesota over the phone from San Diego. “I had a credit card,” she says. And a dream. Ahmed was the sixth chef in Perspectives' fundraiser, Cooking with the Stars.

Chowgirls Cook Killer Meal at Perspectives' Cooking with the Stars

When Heidi Andermack and Amy Lynn Brown were trying to name their new catering business in 2004, they came up with a few variations on the theme—Ciao Baby, ChowChicks—before settling on its memorable name, Chowgirls Killer Catering. “We used to have a cowgirl theme, but we outgrew it,” Andermack said at the Perspectives' Cooking for the Stars event.

Zen and the Art of Sandwich Making

The Guthrie's Floyd's is a play about "returning citizens" who find redemption through making sandwiches and taking a stand over pickle relish.

Survey Identifies Big Delivery Gripes, Driver’s Dirty Secrets

A new survey from US Foods digs into the grievances consumers have with third-party delivery and provides some eye-popping insight into some of the less-than-ethical things couriers do on the job.

Thomasina Petrus Sings for her Superb Candy

I'm not sure which is more alluring: An evening listening to Thomasina Petrus sing jazz, blues and R&B in a renovated barn in a rural farm setting or the opportunity to purchase a bag of her cashew brittle.

Six Chefs Heat Up the Stage for Orchestra's Musical Feast

A 38-foot traveling noodle, cork-popping with a sword and onstage frog leg sautéing were just the start of the culinary surprises during the second outing of the world’s only orchestra to bring an audience aromatic music.

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Top Chefs

Casablanca: Worldly food with a fresh twist

Casablanca’s moment of silence started as a way for Chef Youness Bojji to catch his breath. There were 42 people in his original restaurant’s tiny dining room and he was the only one in the kitchen.

Martha’s Daughter: Food advocate with a female focus

Although Nyanyika Banda’s Duluth restaurant is just nearing its first birthday, the concept itself has been a lifetime in the making.

Ingredients Café, Burger Bar: The anti-diva chef

Fourteen years ago, a 26-year-old Ben Pratt was fresh off a cooking stint at the fancy Cosmos restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, and ready for his opening night as chef/owner at Ingredients Cafe in White Bear Lake.

Main Street Farmer Eatery: Table to Farm

Thirty-five minutes northwest of Minneapolis along I-94, Minnesota’s food culture comes into focus as corporate campuses and strip centers give way to the fields of farm country.

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