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Server Speak: What’s Your Favorite Restaurant Prank Story?

John Kelly

John Kelly
Position: Owner
Years in the industry: 18
Joe and Stan’s Pub & Grill, St. Paul

One time I made some employees take
inventory on all the straws. I felt bad because
hey were there going 78 … 79 … 80…

Christine Gonsior

Christine Gonsior
Position: Bartender/Server
Years in the industry: 7 or 8 
Runyon’s, Minneapolis

When I used to work at Applebee’s we’d tell the
new people to go empty the coffee machine,
but it was hooked up to running water, so they
could never empty it. They’d be there with three
jugs full of water and ask how many it would take.

Allison Rose

Allison Rose
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry: 10 
508 Bar + Restaurant, Minneapolis

We have a tradition of pranking people who are
leaving. Like a guy who worked here, they covered
him with whip cream. And then later on with tubs of
old expired yogurt and all this other crap. One of the
assistant managers, they filled an entire kiddie pool,
and then threw her in. We’re really mean to people
when they leave. The more we love you the worse
you get it. But my favorite thing I do as a prank is
buy one of those mini bags of dinosaurs and hide
them all over the bar. They’ll still find them years later.

 Grace Panian

Grace Panian
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 7
St. Clair Broiler, St. Paul

When I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings they sent
me to go find the left-handed trays, which they
don’t have. They told me to go water the plants,
which were all fake. And they told me to melt the
ice, which you don’t need to do. I’m really gullible
so they got me a lot.

Charlotte Rivers & Rico Hellzen

 Charlotte Rivers & Rico Hellzen
Position: FOH and the Art/Bartender

Years in the industry: 4 and 19
Happy Gnome, St. Paul

One time a manager bought a fake deer and
would put it in the cooler with the lights off and
then send someone back there to grab something. 
He even put a cell phone on the deer’s head so
he could record people freaking out. I even think he put it in the office once.


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