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Server Speak: Tell Us About Your Restaurant Pranks


Paige Kohlman
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry: 2 
Brother’s Bar and Grill, Minneapolis

The ‘Blue Wave’ shot. You give them a shot 
of UV Blue and that is the ‘blue,’ then when
they say give me the wave you shoot a pint
glass full of water on them. It’s better if it’s a new person who doesn’t know.

Cowboy Jacks

Dawn Hermann and Sarah Baker
Position: Manager and General Manager
Years in the industry: 16
Cowboy Jack’s, Minneapolis

We sent somebody to get ‘ice mixer,’ which is
water, and a left-handed spatula.

Red Cow

Justin Galbreath
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 15 
Red Cow North Loop, Minneapolis

When a server has a beverage you can put
Tabasco in their straw so when they go to drink
their beverage they drink the Tabasco.


Brandon Gonzalez
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 9 
Sweeney’s Saloon, St. Paul

We had peanut butter in the kitchen and we
took some lard and put blue dye in it and made
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and one of
the cooks here ate it.

Town Hall

Emily Johnson
Position:  Server
Years in the industry: 4 Years
Town Hall Brewery,  Minneapolis

[Tell an employee] to bring a bucket of steam
from the kitchen to clean with. Or empty all the
water from the coffee maker. Or go grab the keg key.


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