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Server Speak: What’s your favorite springtime beer?

Robert Kasak
Position: Co-owner
Years in the industry: 4 
612 Brewing

I like to drink with the season, so I like hefeweizen
and other wheat beers. They usher out the darker
beers from the winter months. Our hefeweizen,
Cloud Wars, is the springtime version of our darker
wheat beer, Dark Clouds. I think my favorite springtime
beer is probably the Schell’s Maibock because they
serve it in May, which is the right time of the year to have it.

Ryan Lear
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry: 10 
Bad Weather Brewing
St. Paul

My favorite type of springtime beer is the Bavarian
hefeweizen style for several reasons. Coming from
a home-brewing background, they are very simple
and quick to brew. The other thing about hefeweizens
is that the yeast produces a nice fruity flavor profile. 
Hefeweizens are meant to be served with the yeast.
So, if you buy a hefeweizen in the store—if it’s worth
anything—you’ll notice there is a small layer of gunk
at the bottom. You’re meant to swirl that into your glass,
otherwise you won’t get the full flavor. It’s perfect for
when it starts warming up and you want to be outside
with a refreshing beer that is lighter, but has a little bit more to it. It’s also my summer beer of choice.

Alex Chocholousek
Position: Brewer
Years in the industry: 2 
Castle Danger Brewing
Two Harbors

My favorite spring beer is O’Dell’s Runoff Red IPA.

Katie McKnight and Joe Rossiter
Position: Bartenders/supervisors
Years in the industry: 7 and 2
Lake Monster Brewing
St. Paul

Joe: A Rolling Rock by the campfire.

Katie: Yeah, or Moon Man [from New Glarus Brewing], but that requires a drive up to Wisconsin.

Frank Johnson
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry: 10
Sisyphus Brewing

Haha, sure. In the springtime I like a good West Coast IPA because it’s refreshing but still got some girth to it. 


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