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April 2018

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Current Issue

The Trifecta of the Charlies Draws Celebration to a Close

While the chefs donated their skill, US Foods donated the food. Pat Weber, who was also up for a Community Hero award, coordinated the volunteers, chefs and staff masterfully, with the gracious help of Open Arms staff.

From the Editor; Ah, to be on Road to Dream Fulfillment

I met Ariana Feygin because my downstairs neighbor needed my oven.

Server Speak: What’s Your Favorite Neighborhood to work in?

Which Twin Cities neighborhood has been your favorite to work in so far?

News and Noteworthy: Bite Squad, Beard Finalists

In its first step to transition the company’s existing hybrid-electric fleet to fully electric vehicles in the coming years, Bite Squad will test the Tesla Model 3 as part of its food delivery vehicle fleet.

MasterChef Junior Competitor Opens Business

When she was 5, Ariana Feygin’s parents weren’t so keen on her obsession with baking.

Alejandro Cortez Goes From GM to Restaurateur

Alejandro "alex" Cortez’s father came to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant seeking a better life for his family.

Culinary Curiosities: The History of Jelly Beans

I’ll admit I’ve never been much of a fan of jelly beans, but it’s hard to resist their brighter-than-nature colors and that just-right amount of chew.

StarTribune Columnist Kim Ode Looks Back on Career

Most people in Minnesota know Kim Ode as the features columnist at the StarTribune. I, however, have been fortunate to know her as a baker and a friend.

General Mills’ Contest and Dame It

General Mills is awarding up to $80,000 in cash and prizes for one-of-a-kind dishes that showcase local flavors and includes at least one ingredient from General Mills Foodservice’s participating brands: Pillsbury, Gold Medal, Yoplait and Mountain High.

Sysco’s Food Show was Smokin’ Hot

Sysco Minnesota brought its gold-medal game to its spring culinary expo, both in the form of new products and in two actual gold medal-winners.

Liquid Libration Trends for Bartenders and Chefs

Everyone knows you should never encourage drinking and driving, but if you want your bottom line to be healthy, restaurateurs are always looking to drive drink revenue.

Sauk Rapids-Rice Takes ProStart Honors

Sauk Rapids-Rice delivered a one-two punch at the 12th annual Minnesota ProStart Invitational, with the high school’s culinary and management teams both earning first place in the statewide competition.

The Changing Facade of O’Gara’s

Big changes are coming to the Selby-Snelling area of St. Paul. Neighborhood mainstay O’Gara’s Bar and Grill could be torn down later this year.

St. Paul Mulling Minimum Wage Changes

St. Paul’s exploration of a city-mandated $15 per hour minimum wage continues.

Bad Axe Throwing Opens Up

You know that feeling of landing the game-winning bull’s-eye with a deftly thrown axe? Oh, you don’t? Lucky for you, Bad Axe Throwing, a Canadian chain, is now open.

Chef’s Dish: Hai Hai’s Christina Nguyen Returns to Roots

Christina Nguyen’s journey into restaurateur-hood was led more by business acumen than culinary dreams.

Performance Food Show Creates Buzz in St Cloud

As clear and sunny as it was in St Cloud it was too cold for mid-March, which made it all the nicer to be inside perusing Performance Foods expanding spring line up at last month’s show.

Institutional Dining: Open Arms Meal Delivery

What began as a grassroots effort out of a single home providing meals to AIDS patients by any means necessary, has been extended to cancer, ALS, and M.S. patients, or any life-threatening illness diagnosed by a doctor.

MRA Report: RosStart’s Statewide Competition

The labor market is tight now and likely to stay tight for quite some time.

Commodities Report: Crop Challenges Persists

Various food commodity markets have found support in recent weeks, most notably grains and oilseeds.

Buy the Numbers: Sweet Chow

I am always intrigued by "polished fast-casual” concepts—restaurants with counter service but a little more personal service and also higher price points that can attract customers with the ability to generate higher check averages.

Common Foodsense: What Makes a Good Sales Visit

It’s nine-thirty in the morning, an hour and a half before we open. The salmon has arrived, thank the gods, because Donald is late and I’m on the prep alone.

Hangin’ With Klecko: His Continuing Education

In the middle of the city, on the middle of a frozen lake, I stood with my wife as she assembled her kite amidst a crowd of like-minded enthusiasts. The venue was Lake Harriet and the event was the annual Winter Kite Flying Festival.

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