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Server Speak: What’s Your Favorite Neighborhood to work in?

Jay Brooksbank
Shift Manager - 1.5 years
Juice So Good

"I love working downtown Minneapolis.
The skyway is the best place to people
watch. It's more like the world comes to me!"

Jordan Lesch
Barista - 4.5 years
Cahoots Cafe

St. Paul is the best place to work and
my favorite neighborhood is definitely
the Snelling-Selby area. I also like St. Paul
because I'm from Hastings so it's familiar
but still new, exciting territory. 

Kellie Reichert
Server - 11 years

Well I've never worked anywhere else, but
the tip money will bring you places! My favorite
place to go to was the Olympic Peninsula. 

Sarah Fox
Manager - 10 years

Well, out of Dakota and Hastings, Minneapolis
has been my favorite place to work especially
right by the University of Minnesota. The student
vibe is great.  

Josiah Thompson
Server - 10 years
Bep Eatery

By the river in the St. Anthony Main neighborhood.
It's always so beautiful and I was able to bike to work.
I worked at Aster Cafe for a few summers and the patio was always popping.


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