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April 2019

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Current Issue

Longtime W.A. Frost Host Says Wintery Good-bye

Oh, the people she’s seen in her 36 years of seating people at W.A. Frost.

From the Editor: Armchair Travel

The heavy snows and polar vortex in February and much of March took a toll on restaurant sales.

Server Speak: What Drink Did You Ordered When You Turned 21?

What Drink Did You Ordered When You Turned 21?

Around Town: Recipe Contest and Competitions Rev Up

Marking its fifth year, General Mills Foodservice’s Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest is doubling the number of winners to give more independent restaurants and food trucks the chance to win more than $200,000 in cash and prizes.

Coffee Talk

After 22 years, D’Amico & Sons is closing its location on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

St. Paul Roundup: MN Fair’s Wait List

One way we get through long winters is with thoughts of food, fun and sun, which can only mean the Minnesota State Fair.

Wrapping up Charlies, Plus New Events

The last plate has been delivered to winners of the Outstanding Restaurant, Hai Hai.

Institutional Dining: Three Cooks Discuss the Pros

“At the essence of every chef, there is a cook,” says Jay Paul Johnson, founder of Cooks of Hope and chef at Taher’s State Capitol building cafeteria.

ProStart Competition Sends Two Teams to Finals

The students from the 17 teams participating in the 13th annual Minnesota ProStart Invitational received a lot of feedback on their cooking and management skills over the course of the long day.

D’Amico Celebrates Family and Friends

No one throws a perkier party for their supporters and influencers than D’Amico Catering.

Foodservice Writers: Dan “Klecko’ McGleno, Becca Ansari

The first time I interviewed Klecko more than a decade ago, I wouldn’t have taken him for poet.

Travel Cuisine: Costa Rica

It was warm, nearly 90 degrees warmer than the temperatures we left behind in the Twin Cities in mid-March, and instead of snow, the grounds were covered with a walkable swimming pool.

Industry Ink

An eight-and-a-half-year employee at Pizza Luce, Ali Shockency might be among the least tattooed of her coworkers.

The New Hipster Garb?

Will silicone straws become the healthier version of the cigarette behind your ear?

Restaurant Openings

Jinx, you owe me a soda and a permanent spot—umm, skip the soda and make that a tea.

April New & Noteworthy

Tossware’s patented detachable stem on wine glasses offers users the option of serving wine in a stem or stemless glass for out of restaurant experiences (i.e. catering off site).

MRA Report: Strength in Numbers

It’s April, and just as the winter is changing to spring, Hospitality Minnesota is changing, too.

Buy the Numbers: When or If to Franchise

Business people who develop a successful concept often want to grow it, and in many cases they decide franchising is their growth vehicle.

Common Foodsense: Pillsbury Reminiscences

Back in the waning days of my wayward youth, I was hired by Pillsbury to do some occasional work in its test kitchens.

Hangin’ With Klecko: At the Turf Club with J.D. Fratzke

Not that it matters, but did I ever tell you guys that I host a monthly night club show in The Clown Lounge at The Turf Club?

Ask the Expert

Before engaging a commercial real estate agent or beginning the search for a great location, you need to do your homework.

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