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Rosedale's Revolution Hall is Closing After Less Than a Year

It showed so much promise. Media toured the brand new shiny revolutionary Revolution Hall at Rosedale Center in Roseville in 2018 prior to its official opening the week before the infamous Black Friday, retail’s biggest shopping day that follows Thanksgiving.

Top Chefs and Top Sports Icons Dine Together for Hunger

Wayne Kostroski, founder of the wildly successful Taste of the NFL, isn’t going to play through until every major sporting event has a fundraiser to end hunger—even golf. Here's how you can join the Party with a Purpose at a generous, but less costly amount than a $10,000 table.

Hospitality MN Golf: A Good Walk Wasn't Spoiled

Hospitality Minnesota had a beautiful day for its annual golf tournament, held this year at Stillwater Country Club.

Tiny Diner, Where Goat Isn’t on the Menu, It’s in the Parking Lot

On a beautiful spring day in Minneapolis, a group of us sat patiently on yoga mats inside a tiny pen on Tiny Diner’s parking lot listening to instructions before they let the goats in. This is just one of the out-of-the-ordinary things the Bartmann Group has in store for people this summer at its nine restaurants.

Jamie Malone Kicks Off Perspectives' Cooking with the Stars

Following orders from Chef/Owner Jamie Malone of Grand Café and Eastside, enthusiastic guests literally buried the whole branzino fish under an igloo of whipped egg whites and salt. Meanwhile another group tacked a flatbread and salad, while still others portioned pot de crème into round stemware (known as wineglasses in other locales) that someone had discovered in a Kids Café little used cupboard.

Visiting the Birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo

Rome, the birthplace of civilization, is also the birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo, created in 1914 by Chef Alfredo di Lelio at his civilized restaurant, Alfredo alla Scrofa.

Eataly Roma Should Be a Tourist Monument to Food

Eataly Roma, a massive food emporium located at the mouth of a metro stop in south Rome, is a sensory overload for foodies.

Loring Park's Cafe Lurcat Invites Its New Menu to a Party

When the first of the family-style dishes were placed on the table at the media dinner at Café & Bar Lurcat Thursday (May 23), phones all around the table were whipped out and people started shooting. It reminded me of an old TV Western when a stranger walks into a bar and everyone draws their six-shooter in anticipation of a fight.

Luvafoodie Launches Latest Product at WWRC and WCCO

Michelle Mazzara’s company, Luvafoodie, started out in 2014 as a dating website where single foodies could meet. From there it quickly evolved into a love affair with food, starting with chocolate and caramels and moving into spice blends.

Modest Prince Pampuch Isn’t Quite Basking in Cochon Win

Scott Pampuch, chef at 4Bells and the new Minnesota Prince of Porc, didn’t make a big deal about winning this year’s Cochon 555 event. He said it was a minor thing compared to the big news of the week.

Unicorn-kissed, Popable and Functional Add Up to Produce Trends

Persimmons infiltration of quick-service restaurants is expected to grow by 101 percent in the next four years, according to the United Fresh Produce Association’s spring insights report. The majority of persimmons will be shipped frozen, since the squishy fruit is more challenging to ship fresh.

So How Are You Doing?

Minnesotans are a hearty bunch, but weather and other unforeseen factors impact our restaurant scene. To get some sort of barometer on how the industry is doing, Womply a front of the house software company for restaurants, has analyzed daily transactions for the 2018 calendar year at 42,223 local restaurants in the U.S., including Minnesota.
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