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Server Speak: What’s the Biggest Abuse of Your Patio that You’ve Witnessed?

Hailey Colwell
Position: Server and front of house
Years in the industry: 1 
Sea Salt Eatery, Minneapolis

So, we have a pretty big patio and a lot of lines ... and
we’re right next to Minnehaha Falls ... so people will
leave their table number sitting at a random table while
their food is being prepped and then leave to go check
out the falls. Which as you can imagine leads to a ton of
problems—other guests will snag their tables or food runners will be unable to find them—it gets crazy.

Grace Sullivan
Position: Front of house
Years in the industry: 3
Glam Doll Donuts, Minneapolis

The mess. People will leave it super messy. We're a
self-serve restaurant, but people will still leave random
garbage and food lying around. It can build up too because
our patio is located behind us, so it can take a bit before
someone is able to go out there and check on it.

Tom Pane
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry: 7
Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge, Minneapolis

Really when people move stuff around and push tables
together—we used to have a guy who worked here who
would say to people, ‘I don’t come into your living room
and push around your furniture’.

Ben Spencer 
Position: Bartender and server
Years in the industry: 7
French Hen Cafe, St. Paul

We have two patios, one in the back and one in front
and balancing service between the two can get tricky.
I would also say people are more apt to sit down at a
patio table at any time rather than seeing the host. There
have been multiple times where I've been running between
the patios and will have no idea that there are new guests
because of that.

Tom Garry
Position: Senior barista
Years in the industry: 8
J&S Bean Factory, St. Paul

Well because we are a coffee shop, we offer free WiFi.
But, if we neglect to turn it off at night, people will sit out
on the patio in the evenings and use it illicitly. People will
also just come hang out on our patio at night because it's
big and comfortable but not secured. 


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