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Server Speak: How Do You Take Your Breakfast?

Candie Lyons 
Manager/ Server/The “Mom” 
Number of years in the business: 27 
Cook St. Paul
St. Paul

You know it’s so funny. I don’t eat breakfast, I’m
so busy that I don’t really ever sit down to eat it.
Also after eating I have no energy, which I need.
I get all my good energy from my customers in the
morning and a good night sleep. My breakfast time
is usually in the middle of the night once everything
is peaceful and I finally have a moment to myself.

Nicole Mayeske 
Modern Times Cafe

Oh, breakfast? Before a morning shift? No, I can’t
be weighed down. I’ve got to be on my game! If I do
eat breakfast, it’s usually just some bits and spurts
from the kitchen. Coffee, some toast, some tempeh, etc.

Tara Donlan 
Number of years in the business:1 
Black Coffee and Waffle Bar 
St. Paul

I am not a big breakfast person. When I do eat before
a morning shift, I’ll have two eggs. Sometimes I’ll even
make them in the kitchen here.

Will Crabb 
Number of years in the business: 30 years
The Mill, Minneapolis

I don’t eat breakfast all the time. Greek yogurt and
granola. I’ve got the ‘man-bun’ to prove it.

Deano Erickson 
Number of years in the business: 8 
Glam Doll Doughnuts (NE Location)

You know those Nutrigrain breakfast bars? I’ll take
two of those, spread on some peanut butter and half
of a banana, and make a sandwich with the bars.
I’ll eat that on my way to work. It’s great, I can choose
different flavored cereal bars to mix it up. It definitely powers me through to lunch. 


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