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Server Speak: How is the Restaurant Family Like Your Own?

Red Cow

Katie Barnhart
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry:  16
Restaurant/bar: Red Cow
St. Paul

Just like family, no matter what situation, you
always have each other’s back. That’s the very
same focus. You take a plate like you were taking a
plate from your mom. We call it lateral service here.”


Ted Lowell and Jeff Radnich
Position: Co-owners
Years in the industry: 15
Acadia Cafe

Jeff: Well my partner in crime might be able to
answer this better because my family is pretty normal. 

Ted: I just think of it as—not that we don’t love our
restaurant family—we just don’t have to love them
like we do our own children. Because I didn’t create you.


Vanessa Shuck and Bethany Brown
Position: Baristas
Years in the industry: 5 and 10


Vanessa: I just read this thing about non-traditional
families. I think it’s kind of like how those work, how
they consist of this very intricate web.  

Bethany: You get to the same point where everybody
just says what they want and it’s not internalized. Just
like being able to say anything to the people in your family.


Ashley Masters and Tommy Leick
Position: Restaurant Team Members
Years in the industry: Newbies

Tommy: It makes me think of cousins and extended
family. There are the ones you always talk to and
the ones you don’t.

Ashley:  And the ones you don’t want to talk to.
Everybody is coming together at a pre-determined time, but
here you get paid for that.


Joseph McQuillan
Position: Bartender
Years in the industry: 1
Plums Neighborhood Grill & Bar
St. Paul

Everybody is trying to be the one in charge. When
I’m workinga shift with my cousins somebody will
tell you that this table or that table needs to be looked
after. And so that cousinwill tell another cousin who
will tell me, ‘Hey make sure those people are being
taken care of.’  So in the end the people end
up not being taken care of.

Bryant Lake Bowl

Torrie Rinehart
Position: Bartender/Server
Years in the industry: 7 
Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater

I got it three years ago in Madison. It’s all my favorite childhood memories of Star Wars. You’ve got Cloud
City, The Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters, R2D2
and the Death Star. Oh, and it goes with E.T., which
is on the other arm. They’re my two favorite movies from my childhood.


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