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Server Speak: What’s Your Favorite (Or Least Favorite) Thing About Working During the Holidays?

Como Park

Veronica Starzinksi
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 17
Como Park Grill, St. Paul

Veronica: Crabby holiday people.

Me: There’s crabby holiday people?

Veronica: Oh yeah. They’ll bite your head off if you mess up.

Finnish Bistro

Frances Lundheim
Position: Assistant Manager
Years in the industry: 12-15
Finnish Bistro, St. Paul

Christmas music. It’s my favorite thing because it’s fun to hear, but working, you hear it a lot and it becomes my least favorite thing.

Kafe 421

Sean Harrison and
Elliot Rahal
Position: Server/Assistant
Manager and Server
Years in the industry:
22 and 6
Kafe 421, Minneapolis

Elliot: I can’t go home.
Sean: It’s completely unpredictable how busy you are. It’s feast or famine.
It makes it hard to schedule.


Kenzie Gavick and
Michael Pauley
Position: Bartender & Cook
Years in the industry:
7 and 9
Sporty’s Pub & Grill, Minneapolis

Kenzie: Half the people get more grumpy. Half the people get more giving.

Michael: My favorite thing is having a good excuse to not have to see relatives I don’t want to. My least favorite
thing is not being able to spend more time with my mom.

Shared favorite: Holiday pay.


Shannon O’Neill
Position: Server
Years in the industry: Catering, 17;
Restaurant: 10-plus
Stout’s Pub, St. Paul

I personally love working during the holidays. Tips are better during the holidays. Everybody is in a better mood. It makes it a lot more enjoyable.


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