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Server Speak: What Are Some Holiday Traditions in Your Workplace?

Mo McNichols
Position: Server/bartender
Years in the Industry: 11
Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis

For Christmas we have 'A Die Hard Christmas'  playing in the theater, which is a different holiday
spin off 'Die Hard.' They've had it here for a while
and it's pretty fun.

Lauren Barube
Position: Barista/server
Years in the industry: 7
Groundswell, St. Paul

We have a cookie decorating party, the manager
will come in dressed up like Santa. We also have
a little mini-concert called Beer and Cheer where
we'll team up with breweries like Able and they'll
have some holiday brew to share. 

Jeremy Truong
Position: Server
Years in the Industry: 15
Jasmine Deli, Minneapolis

Well nothing in December ... but we do celebrate
Vietnamese New Year. We have a special menu
and sometimes dress up in traditional outfits.
Sometimes we even try to organize the Dragon
Dancers to come.

Victor Alquicira 
Position: Owner
Years in the Industry: 20-plus
Tavial Mexican Grill, St. Paul

On Christmas we cook a big meal here—a pig,
tamales, etc.—either at the restaurant or at home.
We're a family-run restaurant and so I close every
holiday. I am a single dad with four kids so those
days are the most important for me to spend
quality time with them. 

Andy Remke 
Position: Owner
Years in the Industry: 20
​Black Dog Cafe, St. Paul

On New Year’s we used to have a special Happy
Hour with live music and festive food and
champagne by the glass. It was started by
people in the neighborhood who wanted to
celebrate but not stay out until 1am. Now
because of our full liquor license we stay open
a bit later, so the event is not a bit of an extension of the earlier one." 


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