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December 2018

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Current Issue

From the Editor: Happy Holidays

It always feels a bit off to be wishing readers a happy new year when I still haven’t had my Thanksgiving stuffing. That’s one of the job hazards of publishing; you’re always a month or two ahead in your head.

Server Speak: Pros and Cons of Holiday Shifts

What are the pros and cons of working the holiday season? 

In Brief: A Queen is Crowned

During construction of its Robbinsdale’s site, Travail Kitchen and Amusements is moving into a temporary home in January for a “Minneapolis Residency” at 1930 Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis.

Coffee Talk

Great Waters Brewing Company, the brewpub right around the corner from the Palace Theater in St. Paul, officially closed its doors November 18.

Culinary Curiosities: The Cheese Ball

In my lifetime it’s hard to think of a family feast where there wasn’t a cheese ball present.

Chalk One Up for Talent

Amy Chalks a Lot is both the name of Amy Dybing’s company and another way she uses her words when she’s not talking a lot.

The Revolution at Rosedale Mall

When Revolution Hall opened its doors to the public a week before Black Friday at the Rosedale Mall in Roseville, it didn’t find anyone joining the resistance.

Al’s Place Brings Back Capone Era in Style

There’s no door handle on the outside door, just a small window that slides open so a pair of shifty eyes can peer out.

Institutional Dining: People Serving People

In the hulking, outdated building’s bowels, the lifeblood of the organization sits, in a drab cafeteria brightened by mural painted pillars.

Show Season: Upper Lakes Specialists Offer Tips

New school products were front and center at the Upper Lakes Foods fall show, with items ranging from healthier, oven-roasted crispy chicken wings to the digitally on-trend “Emoticons” from McCain Foodservice.

What’s Cooking in CenterPoint’s Kitchen

Here’s our tip on how to make videos on business tips: allow lots of time for retakes and have extra pork chops on hand.

Restaurant Openings

Guavas Cuban Cafe has taken over Xavi’s former spot at 5605 Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis with plans to be open by the end of this year.

New & Noteworthy: Sally, Good Spirits and Trucking

Sally, the salad-making robot, is one of the first front-of-house robots that’s been put into operation, says Joe Klosterman of Apex, the only rep in the upper Midwest for the Chowbotics invention.

Charlies Finalists Announced

Thank you to everyone for their nominations and to a panel of past winners who joined us at the Hilton Minneapolis in early November to help narrow down the robust list to three finalists in 13 categories.

Commodities Report: Markets Trade at Engaging Levels

The commodity markets have continued to trade at engaging levels for buyers during the mid-fall.

By the Numbers: Local Restauranteurs Talk Growth

Most restaurateurs’ dream is to create a concept with the potential to grow into a large regional or national brand. The restaurant industry is full of these kinds of concepts.

Common Foodsense: What’s Trendy

It is again the season for Trends for the New Year, with every self-styled pundit in every discipline making portentous pronouncements.

Hangin’ with Klecko: The Perfect Veggie Burger

When I think of veggie burgers and my past, I am reminded of Thomas Wolfe’s quote: “You can never go home.”

Faces + Places to Know: Help from Kitchens, Insurance

In this issue we covered Editor Nancy Monroe’s and my visit to the CenterPoint Test Kitchen.

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