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St. Paul Considers Paid Sick Time Policy

St. Paul is the latest Minnesota city to delve into the issue of earned sick and safe leave for employees, with the goal of having draft policies unveiled in mid-May.

Minnesota Craft Beer Gets a Woman’s Touch

The Urban Growler is just a year-and-a-half old and it’s already hit the owners’ five-year projections.

Surly’s Jorge Guzman Wins Minneapolis Cochon 555 Battle

Voters named Jorge Guzman the Minneapolis Prince of Porc during the porcine revelry that is Cochon 555.

Rising Chefs Bring Fresh Perspective to Frozen Food

In today’s world of farm-to-table foodservice and restaurants that highlight the origin of every ingredient, frozen foods sometimes get a bad rap.

Restaurant Tablet Wars: May the Best Method Win

Restaurants are testing new ways to speed the ordering process, replacing humans with machines in various permutations.

With Brand Refresh, Davanni’s Finds New Life

Davanni’s executives got somewhat of a reality check during a focus group session in 2014. That’s when, as President and CFO Bob Stupka put it, “we could have jumped out the window listening to the millennials.”

St. Paul Relaxes Liquor Laws to Attract Restaurants

By March, St. Paul diners should have a better idea of how many restaurants will take advantage of the city’s expanded on-sale liquor license regulations.

Minneapolis Food Hub Is an Entrepreneurial Playground

It takes time to create something special. Time to form the idea, develop the necessary skills, and execute a plan properly.

Inside Sushi Avenue’s Growing Restaurant Empire

Based here in landlocked Minnesota, Sushi Avenue has built a sprawling $36-million-dollar business covering 16 states and supplying sushi to 270 retail locations nationwide, from the shelves of Target to Whole Foods.

Kaskaid Hospitality Uses New Concepts to Expand

A willingness to explore new concepts and a desire to expand into new communities are guiding principles for Kaskaid Hospitality.

Staying Current Key to Freshii’s Fast-casual Growth

Once upon a time restaurant companies aspired to be the next McDonald’s. Now, they all want to be the next Chipotle.

Using Restaurant Design to Catch Customers

If it seems as though every aspect of the restaurant industry is somehow concerning itself with what millennials want, well, it’s because that’s exactly what is happening.
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