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February 2015

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Current Issue

Restaurant Owners Learn There’s More to a Kickstarter Campaign Than Clicking a Mouse

Instead of heading back to the bank, turn to Kickstarter and become part of a growing trend among entrepreneurs who seek seed money through crowdfunding.

Industry Group Brings Tipped Worker Proposal Back to Lawmakers

M​innesota restaurant and hospitality industry leaders are back at the state capitol, again seeking a tipped employee tier for the state’s minimum wage.

Herbivorous Butcher Brings Meatless Meats to Minneapolis

When people discover someone is a vegan or vegetarian, it’s almost inevitable that they ask: How can you not want to eat a hamburger?

Industry History, a Competitive Present and FSN’s Online Future

An exhibit at the Hennepin History Museum did give me a taste of restaurant life at dozens of local favorites from years past.

Server Speak: What’s Your New Year’s Restaurant Resolution for 2015?

Server Speak: What’s Your New Year’s Restaurant Resolution for 2015?

News and Noteworthy Around the Twin Cities

Corporate moves, another closure and local CEO changes

Culinary Q&A With WCCO’s Natalie Nyhus

As the host of WCCO’s Saturday Morning show, Natalie Nyhus highlights some of the state’s top gems in the “Best of Minnesota” series.

Chef’s Dish: Greg Johnson Brings Freshness and Finesse to Public Kitchen

Greg Johnson knew some of his dishes at Public Kitchen and Bar would evolve and change as the restaurant found its rhythm.

Culinary Curiosities: Who Invented the Mason Jar?

Whether your thoughts turn to sipping white lightnin’ or grandma’s peach preserves, the Mason jar kindles warm memories.

These Minnesota Companies Offer Foodservice Operators Options to Buy Local

Tortillas, chicken and cheesecake. What do they have in common? All three come from Minnesota.

What Restaurant Owners Need to Know About Serving Those With Service Animals

We all know—or should know—not to pet a service animal on duty, but did you know service animals aren’t just golden retrievers wearing vests?

When It's Time for a Restaurant Refresh

Stay competitive. It’s what owners strive for in the ever-evolving restaurant industry, and that sometimes means refreshing their business.

With a More Focused Menu, Sclavi’s Returns to North Superior

If our restaurant history is a cycle of death, the story of Sclavi’s in North Superior is more like a rebirth.

Local Which Wich Franchisee Sees the Power of a PB&J

Project PB&J was launched in mid-2014, and by year-end Which Wich stores sold about 50,000 sandwiches, which means 100,000 sandwiches were donated.

Twin Cities Cocktail Creators Give Their Take on the Year to Come

Twin Cities cocktail creators give their take on the year to come.

Chefs Create a Hog Heaven During Annual Minnesota Pork Competition

With their pork cheeks, pork chops and yes, even pork butts expertly prepared, Minnesota chefs then put on their game faces for Taste of Elegance.

MRA Report: Meet Your Legislators During Hospitality Day at the Capitol

The Minnesota Legislature convened January 6 for the 2015 session. This is the first session on the two-year cycle; since it follows an election year.

Commodities Report: Expect Growth in Chicken, Milk Markets

With the record corn and soybean harvests from this fall now in the bin, the outlook for commodities is the most rosy in nearly a decade.

Buy the Numbers: New FSN Column Examines Restaurant Economics

We all know the old adage that eight out of 10 restaurants fail. I’m not sure that’s true, but I do know a lot of restaurants struggle to break even.

Common Foodsense: How Higher Wages Can Bring Labor Savings in the Long Run

In an era where rents are rising, competition is increasingly bloodthirsty and food costs are ballooning like a toddler who’s found an air hose, the idea of raising labor costs sounds crazy.

Hangin’ With Klecko: Meet Chef Phillip Becht

My destination that day was Victor’s on Water to visit Phillip Becht, quarterback of this Northern Italian culinary concept.

At Quang Restaurant, Traditional Pho Starts With the Broth

Quang Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant, which has been open now for 25 years and is owned and operated by the Truong family.

People to Know and Places to Go

Meet Adam Dombrovski, the director of sales and marketing at Dombrovski Craft Meats and Dan Pecha, founder and CEO of The Dough Shop.
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