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Server Speak: What’s Your New Year’s Restaurant Resolution for 2015?


Ashley Hofius
Years in the industry: 15
Maxwell’s, Minneapolis

Remember people’s names. I’ve been working here
for six years so I might be at the extent of my ability,
but I just want to make a conscious effort. Even with
he regulars. I’ll be talking with someone for an hour
and not remember. Just got to ask.


Han Mai
Server, daughter, host, manager
Years in the industry: Born into this restaurant.
Seriously, I used to sleep over there (points).

Indochin, St. Paul

This may sound corny, but I’ve always wanted to
change the world.


Jeff Okerstrom
Years in the industry: Newbie
Shish, St. Paul

I just started working. I don’t know if I can answer that.
I guess… always try new things.

McCoy's Public House

Kale Walch
Server and co-owner of The Herbivorous Butcher
Years in the industry: 4
McCoy’s Public House , St. Louis Park

Cut down drinking. Exercise once a month. Lift a
weight every now and then.

Cheeky Monkey

Anastasia Davis and Amanda Piotraschke
Server and shift lane server
Years in the industry: 10 and 7
Cheeky Monkey, St. Paul

To exhibit more kindness and have our general population experience true hospitality and not just “service.” 


Josh Smith  -  Position: Cook
Years in the industry: 20  •  Oceanaire Seafood Room 

I got the ones on my arm 20 years ago. It’s my zodiac
(on left arm). It means you’re the sheep. The other one
is for the warrior’s crew, which was my junior high and
high school group of friends. And the one up here (bicep) is a tribal tattoo; I have no idea what it means.

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