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Server Speak: What’s Your 2017 Restaurant Resolution?

Colleen Boyne
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 8
Augustine’s Bar & Bakery
St. Paul

Dining out more in Minneapolis. I’m strictly
a St. Paul person. I need to go out and try
more in Minneapolis. Expand my horizons.

Amy Pearson and Drew Madland
Position: Bartenders 
Years in the industry: 12 and 7
Young Joni, Minneapolis

Amy: To not cut myself again. Here’s a better
one: To try more of the local spirits at the craft

Drew: Be nice to EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME.

Michael Olson
Position: Server
Years in the industry: 4
Jefe Urban Hacienda

For all of our customers to have an exceptional
experience. Restaurant-goers are often provided
with generic service standards, but Jefe has so 
much more to offer! Patio season is just around  the corner and a margarita tastes so much better
when it’s served with charisma … and maybe a little
extra tequila.

Morgan Carney
Position: Barista
Years in the industry: 2.5
Rustica Bakery & Cafe
Eden Prairie

To not take home all the leftover pastries.

Ryan Blanchette
Position: Manager
Years in the industry: 6
Neighborhood Cafe
St. Paul

Believe in the customer service that we
strive so hard to have.


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